Forest Heritage Center

Beavers Bend State Park is not only home to millions of critters and trees, but also the Forest Heritage Center Museum. Take a trip to the museum and get an inside look at what makes Broken Bow, Broken Bow. The Forest Heritage Center Museum holds historical documents, forestry artifacts, wood art, estate keepsakes, and a research library filled with books, periodicals, and other forestry equipment. Luckily, this wealth of knowledge is only 15 minutes away from Beavers Bend Cabin Getaways

Forest Heritage Center Exhibits

Forest industry has a strong presence in Oklahoma. To learn more about Oklahoma’s forests and the forest industry from a professional guide, attend one of the museum’s educational programs or tours. It’s an excellent experience for visitors of all ages. Or, if you’re looking to learn about the industry yourself, check out the following exhibits.

  1. When you first arrive at the museum, you’ll see 14 large dioramas that represent archaic forests, Caddo Indians, southern papermaking, 1940’s lumbering techniques, and forest appreciation. Each diorama is supported with a recorded narration to give additional information and stories. 
  2. Some other exhibits in the museum include the Forest Wood Art Gallery, chainsaw carvings, a 100-year-old log cabin from the Kiamichi Mountains, and classic woodworking tools used in the harvesting mountainous timber. 
  3. In April 2003, The Forest Heritage Center unveiled an exhibit that honored the thousands of wildland firefighters who risk their lives every year. This exhibit has a special 8-foot bronze sculpture to recognize Jim Burnett and other late forest firefighters. Jim was the first-ever forest firefighter from Oklahoma to lose his life in the line of duty. 
  4. The bronze sculpture was soon followed by the “People of the Forest” exhibit which represents the early years of the forest industry in Oklahoma. The foresting industry kicked off when the Dierks family moved to town, and people began to share the story of the Traveling Timber Towns and the accomplishments of the Civilian Conservation Corps. The exhibit shows old, restored photographs which feature individuals who helped establish Oklahoma’s foresting industry.

Beavers Bend Cabin Getaways

When you’re finished exploring The Forest Heritage Museum, head back to Beavers Bend Cabin Getaways for a night of relaxation. We’re confident that our privately owned vacation rental cabins, loaded with modern conveniences, will make you and your family feel right at home. Book your Broken Bow vacation today by visiting our website or talking to our staff at 580-494-6116.

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